the mobile barista school

the mobile barista school

Trainings at yours

bean_ALONE2 theory of coffee extraction

bean_ALONE2 creating & changing coffee recipes

bean_ALONE2 theory & practice of art latte

bean_ALONE2 cleaning coffee machine & grinder 

bean_ALONE2 sensory-skills (evaluation of qualities)

bean_ALONE2 workflow management & efficiency

the mobile barista school

Workshops at yours

bean_ALONE2 ready to get hands-on in the preparation of coffee?

bean_ALONE2 expand your horizon about filter coffee and espresso

bean_ALONE2 it's time to develop a palate for the taste of coffee?

bean_ALONE2 take part at a cupping full of flavour sensations

bean_ALONE2 always wanted to be an artist?

bean_ALONE2 let's dive into the world of latte art

“stefan took a very important responsibility which is the standardization of quality coffee. he trained our colleagues in berlin and also our branch in amsterdam about coffee recipes and preparation. during his tenure, he performed all of his duties efficiently and effectively.”

"stefan is great to work with. he's a team player, his communication is great and well, he is just a fun person!"